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Weekly Essential Oils Class -

Essential Oils 30/30 is a free, weekly tele-class offered Thursdays at 6 PM MT. The first 30 minutes provides essential oil education. Learn how to use essential oils in a way that is safe and effective for the entire family. After a brief presentation, the call is open to audience participation.
​The second 30 minutes offer group mentoring to anyone thinking about, starting, or building an essential oil business.
Join Astrid Parris and co-host Joan Lucci every Thursday for Essential Oils 30/30. Relax, get comfortable and dial by phone to 505-570-5809 or go to to access online.

an invitation to host a class

If you would like to host an essential oils class or event, please contact us by phone or email with your request.

audio & video archives

Did you miss a week? No worries. Most classes are archived. Click here for our audio archives and click here for our video archives.
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