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About Astrid Parris

Astrid Parris assists clients both in person and long distance to lead a life more  in connection with the wholeness of who they really are. Born in Germany her current practice is in Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.


Working with clients across the United States and in Europe over the past two decades, Astrid Parris has aligned  aspects of many modalities and combined  them in her own method of  what she calls Advanced High Vibrational Woo©. 'For the longest I had a really hard time describing what it is I do. I don't know what I am doing but it works, that just does not sound so good. Even if for some time it pretty accurately described it.' 


As a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui lineage with certifications in Quantum Energetic Disciplines, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and others combined with training in Elemental Space Clearing, Pranic Healing, Flower Essences  and more, Astrid is not  exactly a lightweight  in the healing field. She is also a member of the  American Society of Dowsers. Each modality in combination with intuition and life experience has contributed an important piece. Parris emphasizes that  Quantum Wholeness© will remain a flexible system to best adapt to individual needs and  today's changeable energetic circumstances.


Astrid  Parris also has extensive experience  in the  environment of international banking and corporate finance.  Working with people from  a multitude of cultural, ethnic, educational and economic backgrounds has taught her that most differences between us as spiritual, energy and human beings exist only on the surface. At the core, our dreams, desires, hopes and challenges  have much more in common than we think. She says her exposure to the high speed, high pressure corporate environment has helped her become clear about what is most important in

her life.


Personally  Astrid 's focus is on advancing on her spiritual path, increasing her vibrational frequency and embodying the best version of  her Highest Self. In this process she wants to assist others in finding their own, very personal way to be in this world of rapid changes and increasingly intense energies. 'I hope that with this website and Quantum Wholeness©  I am able to reach those who have been waiting for its specific type of Advanced High Vibrational Woo©  and be of service to as many as possible on their path. My deep love to you.'

Sessions are confidential and available in person at our Santa Fe Location or long distance

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