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Live NOW!

Yesterday a friend passed away. She was not a close friend. We had only just started to discover mutual interests. We had only just started socializing more. I heard that she was ill and not taken the time yet to visit with her. A few weeks ago she waved at me on social media and I waved back. I thought I would call and visit with her between the holidays.

It is as if she is giving me this message as a parting gift.

Don't save your sexiest underwear, that great dress, the award winning bottle of wine for that special occasion or special person to show up. Live now, live for yourself! I encourage you to take some time within this year and look at not just what you have done this past year but also at all those parts of your life that as of yet remain unlived. Be bold, be daring, uncover your dreams and take steps. I certainly will!

Thank you Kay, RIP, much love to you.

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