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No Offense

A friend brought up a question today around feeling offended.

I like to look at words as they can be interpreted in different ways. It has been helpful for me to take the approach that there is a reason why it is called 'to take offense'. If I am able to not be triggered = take offense = take something personally, then there is no offense. In a way it is like raising my own vibration and the lower frequency can then no longer touch me. I no longer perpetuate a dynamic where I am giving someone or something my attention = energy.

My personal experience has been like in some martial arts or self defense movements. As soon as I no longer offered my resistance = re-action = energy to the "offender", the attacking energy just dissipated into empty space.

So in how far are we complicit in our own victimization?

Namaste and much love to you all. Have a joyful and peaceful holiday season.

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