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Spiritual expansion

Some of us might still be feeling the aftereffects from the moon being in cardinal t-square with Mercury and Pluto last night followed by a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio. I have heard from folks about obsessing over worries, fears and downright to nightmares. Here is an encouraging observation. Just like we cannot un-know something once it is known, we can also not un-expand our spiritual expansion and growth that has already occurred. Even if we temporarily feel down and as if we lost it all, we will bounce back. Be kind to yourself and know things will begin to look up again astrologically by tomorrow.

You cannot be less than you are now. You cannot achieve a vibration that is less than the vibration that you have achieved. That’s why when someone achieves an empire and then something happens where it is lost or destroyed, they still have the vibration that they’ve achieved, and the empire will come back again—you see it all the time—because it is the vibrational status that the Universe is responding to, not the financial status.
Abraham Hicks
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