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It's our intention to upload many of the testimonials from our guest book. If you have a testimonial to share, please get in touch. Use our contact form; your submission will give us permission to use it on our website.
About Astrid Parris

The principle of Quantum Wholeness  is based on the innate knowing  that everything  is energy and everything is connected.  The highest vibration  of energy is that of Divine Universal Love. 

Quantum Wholeness  acknowledges everyone's  path as unique, equally valid and valuable. We are all moving towards higher awareness ,  no matter if we recognize it at any given moment or not.

It is our intent to continuously  expand our vibrational frequency and express  the highest possible version of ourselves. Quantum Wholeness assists others without judgment  or preconception on their own way .  We strongly believe in personal integrity, loving kindness, compassion and the concept of win/win. We are all conscious co-creators.

About AP
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